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'Empowering Environmentalism' is spearheaded by Jess Carter; environmentalist, project manager, trainer and communications specialist.  Jess and her team of collaborators support individuals, teams and communities to put the Earth first in their work and lifestyles. We take a holistic view of sustainability and guide organisations to ensure that environmental impact is a priority at work, at home and everything in between and furthermore, present it with flair. 

Where once you might not have known where to start when it comes to environmental best practice, we are here to support you and your team to prioritise environmental values whilst supporting you through impactful transformation with minimal disruption. Our courses and coaching provides the ideal platform for confidence in achieving and maintaining sustainable success to enable you to thrive whilst having a positive impact on our fragile planet.


Jess Carter

Environmentalist and experienced  project manager who has explored environmental law and trained in ecology and conservation. Jess has a flair for community engagement, communications and coordination. Perceptive, creative, bold and enthusiastic.


We work hard to trial various approaches to sustainability. We have the capability to support you both in person and online.  Please contact us to plan a suitable offering to fit the needs of your organisation.  

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Inspired by a talk at a Chambers of Commerce presentation, we linked up with GA Solicitors and have created a workshop that has been delivered to all 90 members of staff on the benefits of reducing single use plastic and waste in the workplace. 

"I am happy to say that we were all very happy with the day and many commented on how informative it was without being 'heavy'" - David Wallis, Senior Partner

Sustainability support

With regular meetings and an action planning workshop, we have worked together with the team at Marsha Miles Consultancy to research their supply chain, initiate sustainable packaging solutions and ensure there is a sustainability strategy  that is fit for purpose as the organisation rebrands and regularly communicates sustainable progress with their supporters. 

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Small business support 

We co-created an action plan for sustainable success which enabled Villages in Action to trial various sustainable initiatives.

Supporting communities - 

We have been commissioned by Broadclyst Parish Council to support community leaders to prioritise sustainable actions in the community. We collected survey data from the community and will be delivering an all day workshop to make a plan on how to make sustainable progress across this vibrant and diverse suburb of Exeter.

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Action planning -

We are working closely with the managers of Skern Lodge to improve environmental impact. So far they have organised a water audit and saved fresh water by using grey water to wash down wetsuits, taken on an apprentice to support the sustainability action plan, started working closely with wetsuit and equipment suppliers to investigate lifecycle analysis, trialling new materials and recycling solutions and we are working closely with the senior leadership team to make smart choices for the future. 

Talks and presentations - 

We can often be found presenting our ideas and support packages at business forums and networking sessions including the Chambers of Commerce, Low Carbon Hubs and to students at education establishments. We are glad to have been invited to speak to Global Sustainability Solutions students at Exeter University. 

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Balancing the needs of business whilst positively impacting the natural environment requires effective and sustainable change to meet our targets for net zero and beyond. Most importantly, we can amplify our impact through effective communications.


Our mission is to support organisations to make transformational change and put sustainability at the heart of their operations whilst ensuring that progress is effectively communicated. 


Our vision is that collectively UK-based organisations have a net positive impact on the natural environment by committing to long-term sustainable best practice. 


I have put together the 'Sustainability Playbook' containing my 'Top Ten Tips For Sustainable Success'. It will give you the confidence and inspiration you need to fast track your sustainability journey. I can send it to you right now - just tell me where would you like it to go and I can start to help you today!

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